Friday, November 5, 2010

WHY do all of the tours come through the gym when i'm working out?

Good news: I went to the gym again today!
Bad news: I'm in college...which means that when you go to the gym during a weekend day, there is most likely going to be a tour coming through. I get it. I really do. We have a brand new gym and fitness center (we got a 5 MILLION dollar donation!) The gym even has this cute little cafe that sells only health foods. So I understand. They want to show it off, but here's my complaint: Must they show it off while I'm bright red and sweating on an elliptical? FIVE times?

       This is kind of an exaggeration. I wasn't that upset about it, it just got to be a little funny. Surprisingly, i'm not that weirded-out by people watching me work out.
The truth is, I actually kind of like going to the gym (Crazy, right?) It clears my mind and makes me feel good and productive. (Hellooo endorphins!) And when I go to the gym nonstop for a while, if I skip a day, I miss it.
      However, in college, going to the gym can be a little tricky. Do you go to the gym when you have an hour break and then go to class all sweaty? Pass. So you have to find time. On the same note, I see people use the excuse "I'm too busy!" all the time. Me included.
      But now, I have a little more motivation. I weighed myself today! I actually asked one of the people that worked there how to use the scale (you know, the tall ones in your doctor's office). I was really proud of myself. I know that seems silly, but you don't understand how much of a big deal that was.

Now I really have a starting point!
And i'm going to end this post with that starting point, too.


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