Friday, November 12, 2010

Weigh-in #1 (Plus VIDEO?!)

Surprise Surprise! It's video time!

Here are the results from Weigh-in#1! Check it out!
And sorry about the shakiness! I promise i'll get better!

In case you couldn't see the video here's the summary:
I lost 2 pounds!! (UPDATE- I checked again today, the day I was actually supposed to weigh myself and it looked more like 2.5! woo!) I know that when you first begin to lose weight you lose more pounds at a quicker rate, due to water weight and all of that, but i'm still pretty pumped! Seeing results is the best motivation, even if they're not on the scale!
But this is only the beginning! Now let me know- would you want to see more vlogs? Or should I just stick to writing?
And here is your question of the day-
How often do you weigh yourself? Never? Daily? Weekly? Biweekly? Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. Congrats!! That is amazing!

    I love seeing videos, it shows your personality.

    Here's what i found helpful for when i would be watching the lbs.
    Weekly- is good for weight loss, so you don't stress yourself out.
    Daily or Biweekly- is good for when you are maintaining and don't want to fall of the wagon, but only if it's not obsessive. More of a routine like brushing your teeth in the morning. A happy reminder to be proud of a goal you reached.

    Now I weigh myself maybe once every 2 weeks, because i don't stress the number anymore and just focus on living well.

  2. Hey! Congrats! that is really cool! And I love seeing videos! you should do more!:)
    P.S well I usually weigh myself ever 3 days.


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