Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby You're A Firework

Okay, so Katy Perry's new song is absolutely amaaaazing. I'm in love. First of all, I love everything she does. Katy Perry is a great role model. She takes risks, speaks her mind and is confident. PLUS- she sends out messages like this. :)

And okay, there IS a reason why i'm kind of obsessed with this song. Watch the video. Notice the girl that doesn't want to go swimming? Then decides to just go for it?
I love that.

A couple summers back- at a senior luau party, I didn't bring a bathing suit. Not necessarily because of my body, I just didn't bring one.

But it didn't matter- after lots of convincing, I still didn't go in. So my friends pushed  me in.
It was that night that I decided I was never going to let something silly keep me from having fun. Especially midnight swimming.

So later that summer, when a bunch of us were having a bonfire and decided to have an impromptu midnight swim....I went in the pool in a white cami and a pair of shorts.

At the end of that summer, before college friend Kim made me a picture. I'm not sure if she knew there was really a meaning behind this for me, but I want her to know now.

I live by these words now Kimbo! <33

To my lovely followers,
The water is great, jump in the pool! Have fun, but don't lose your cool!

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  1. Way to go my lovey friend, you are a firework Tanya. I'm glad I can be useful every now and then...


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