Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble Gobble? You Mean Oink Oink: A Thanksgiving Survival Guide

So...Thanksgiving is TOMORROW (it crept up so fast!) and I have a game plan, and I am sticking to it, thank you very much.

There is no wiggle room in this plan. I won't allow it. I've been doing really well so far and I don't want one day to screw that all up. So, despite my friend's advice, i'm not having a "cheat" day.
In fact, I plan on avoiding three things at all costs.
The 3 C's. -Cranberry relish
-Carbs (That means so flaky-buttery rolls!)

What I do plan on doing tomorrow.
-Waking up at the crack of dawn, drinking a hot mug of water with lemon in it. (I've heard this is supposed to be really good for you, especially first thing in the morning. I'll let you know how I feel about it...)
-Go for a walk/jog. (I'm going to burn those calories before I even eat them!)
-Watch the parade with a mug of peppermint mocha coffee, oatmeal and a piece of fruit. (Oatmeal because it will fill me up and then hopefully I won't be more likely to binge later.
-Hit the gym. That's right. The gym is open 7-1 tomorrow! So after the parade, that's where you'll find me.
-Lunch will be the veggie soup with carrots and hummus again.
-My mom and I are planning on making a healthy pumpkin pie!
-Then, the inevitable dinner...

.....and while I will be surrounded by sweet aromas and tasty foods, I will not indulge.
Dinner- My aunt's roasted veggies, a sweet potato, and something else? I haven't figured that one out yet. What's healthy?
Dessert- The "healthy" pumpkin pie. Yummm. The only hard thing will be not taking leftovers. :(

And plenty and plenty of water! I also plan on setting my fork down between every bite, you know, so I will eat slower.

So that's it! My game plan. What's yours? Do you all have any tips on eating a healthy Thanksgiving dinner?

I love your feedback, it really keeps me motivated. :) Just like I hope I am motivating other people to live a healthier lifestyle. We can DO THIS!

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