Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weigh-in # 3

I lasted a month! Can you believe it?
I can barely believe it, actually, it's not that hard. Sure, some days are harder than others, but seeing results physically and on the scale is more than enough motivation to keep me going!
To be honest, eating healthy isn't hard anymore. They say that eventually your taste buds change, and I think mine are beginning to accept these healthy delicious foods!

So- are you ready for the Week 4 Weigh-in?
Well.....I lost 4 pounds! Which means I'm at 12 pounds total! That brings my weight down from 218 to 206....

And in case you are really bad at math, that means I need to lose seven more pounds until I'm under 200! (I think that will call for a celebration for sure!)

Also...i'm only 3 pounds away from the half-way point for my first goal. My first goal is to lose 30 pounds...sooo close to halfway there!! :)

Now, for the blehh news.
There are only 2 and a half weeks until the end of the semester. This means that blogging has to take a backseat for a while and i've got to pick up some of the slack in school. Finals are coming up, which is the reason why there was no video today. I really just don't have time. All the work in my classes is piling up, and as important as this blogging thing is to me, finals are pretty darn important to my education- and my GPA.

So even though finals may kill me, I'm going to try and refrain from gobbling down pizza (as much as I want and keep going to the gym...hey! it clears the mind!
And i'll keep updating my food log, but that might be about it until Dec 17. (WHEN I'M FREE!)
So, as usual, wish me luck on my weight loss journey, but finals as well. Yikes.



  1. Congratulations on the pound loss! You're doing such a kick ass job and you're totally inspiring me to stay on track with my own plan. So thanks for sharing your journey and providing me with hope and inspiration :)

  2. Thanks so much! (and that's genuine..haha) It actually works both ways because you guys are the ones that inspire me!

  3. Congratulations! The first month is always the hardest. I'm going on month four at 31.5 pounds and it only gets better. You start craving nutritious food, and even when you mess up, you can't wait to go back on so you feel good again.


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