Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weigh-in (sort of)

(I wrote this post 2 nights ago, now i'm finally getting around to pusblishing it. Enjoy.)

Sometimes... a nighttime workout is just what the doctor ordered. :)

I switched it up tonight and hit the gym at night. I bundled up in a hoodie and a winter coat and braved the 21 degree weather with my water bottle, iPod, and Spanish text book in hand.
Yeah, you read that right. Spanish text book. It's the end of the week before finals! So, yes, I was that girl studying on an elliptical...hopefully my grades and body will both thank me for it.

So that was part 1, the elliptical/estudiando para una prueba en clase de espanol manana. Part 2 consisted of the treadmill, walking briskly for 10 minutes, then walking for 90 seconds and jogging for 90 seconds for the last 10 minutes while watching Disney's Prep & Landing on abc. This movie is such a fun and cute holiday special. It's just all around adorable.

...and that, my friends, is just what the doctor ordered.
I've been so busy with balancing the end of the semester, suitemates, working out and eating right, plus regular holiday stress that I needed to just unwind at the end of the day. I usually feel pretty good at the end of workouts, but tonight I felt like something had really been lifted off my shoulders (the benefits of working out!). could have had something to do with the fact that I listened to Christmas music on my way back from the gym. :)

Anyway, this post was just a long-winded way of saying I'm sorry. I know i've been slackin'on the bloggin' lately, but I promise you two things:
  1. That will all change Dec 17th. 
  2. I have not been slacking on my plan. Take a look for yourself and read some posts below. Comment on em'. :)
Also, I haven't stopped weighing myself. I weighed myself on Tuesday as usual, I just didn't upload any videos because school is a priority right now.

SO- I'm going to post a video when I come home for the holidays! I'm going to do it big (ha, no pun intended), so keep a look out! 

I hope you all are cool with that. Just know that i'm still on track!

Anyway, I hope your holiday stress is at a minimum. If not, you should hit the gym, watch Prep & Landing and listen to some Christmas music. (It gets you in the holiday spirit so you're not a Grinch and clears your head.) :)


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  1. You are doing awesome. I can't help but wish i took this journey with you to loose a few pounds. I can't wait to see the new video. Good luck with all your finals.


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