Thursday, December 23, 2010

Working in a Winter Wonderland (An Update)

Yeah, it's that time of year again....the holiday season. (My favorite season!) Unfortunately, that means i'm working retail in the mall. I know it's not a full time job, but i've been getting slammed with hours lately.
I'm not complaining, more hours means more money, but the blog has been suffering. (I know, excuses excuses.)

Not only the blog, either. My workouts have just been kind of mediocre lately...skipping the gym because I have work is occurring more and more often. I still love the gym, (well. as much as a person can love going to the gym), but dealing with frantic holiday shoppers is so draining. When i'm done work, I just don't feel up to it.

However, my diet has been spot on. (Woo!) Even on my recent trip to NYC (I did my research, post coming soon.)

Speaking of dieting, I'm considering not posting everything  I eat and drink every day. If I do decide to do that, i'll still keep a record. I think it's good for me. I just won't publish it- because to be honest- it's boring. I don't know yet though, we'll see.

Now, if I eat something super delicious i'll post it, but by guys know what I eat. It's pretty much the same stuff on a different cycle.

Anyway. I have a feeling after Christmas things will die down and I can give you a REAL update.

But until then-
What do you do when you're schedule changes or gets crazy hectic? How do you keep with your workouts? Do you keep up with your workouts?

What are you doing in preparation for the holiday season? I hope you're not working retail...mall food is badddd. :(


(Yeah you read that timestamp right. It's 1.27 done work at 12:30. Blahhh.)


  1. I work retail but I get so few hours that the food isn't really a problem. I have a feeling my diet will either get a lot better or a lot worse because I just started at a salon this week.

  2. You are doing awesome. If you can make it through the holidays the rest will be a breeze. Enjoy your holidays and have a happy new year.


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