Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Days of Self Love

While browsing the blog world, I came across a beautiful project that I knew I had to take part in. After seeing Tina's posts about self love, I decided I needed to love myself more- just as I am right this moment, not 40 pounds from now.

Beating myself up because the weight isn't coming off as quickly as I would like it to is doing just that, beating me up. That's why today, exactly five months into my journey, I am starting my own version of the 30 Days of Self Love movement.

Each day I will *attempt* to post about something I love about myself, whether it be a physical trait, a personal strength or a special talent. I want this to motivate me, right up to the 6 month mark of my journey.

What better way to mark half a year than by celebrating myself and my accomplishments?(Like...losing 55 lbs?!)

But this isn't just about me, it's about all of you, too! It's about stopping the negative self talk and the comparisons...because each of you is beautiful, no matter what your size.

So to kick off this celebration- let's share something you absolutely adore about your physical self.

Mine is definitely my hair. I've always had a unique shade of reddish, strawberry blonde hair. I used to not like it at all because it made me different, but now I love it, for that exact reason. Every time I go to get my hair cut the hair stylist always compliments me and tells me to never, ever dye it.
PLUS, my hair is so low maintenance. I never blow dry it and rarely heat style it at all. I just let it air dry over night and i'm out the door.

So there's mine. Share yours! Go ahead, brag a little. I won't hold it against you.


  1. I adore this idea! You do totally have fabulous hair! One of the things I love about myself is my levelheadedness. I feel like I can always be logical and I don't let feelings get the best of me and I really love that I can keep a cool head when others are going crazy.
    I would have said my hair too, but we're fighting today. Apparently my bangs have gone on strike from cuteness...ah well! hahaha

  2. Thank you! Oh MAN i wish I could remain level headed sometimes. I'm definitely jealous of you on that one. (maybe it's the red headed thing...bad temper? haha) And your bangs look cute from your picture. I like their swoopiness.<--Not sure if that's a word. but oh well.


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