Monday, April 4, 2011

Switch It Up

I am totally a creature of habit. I like my routine and get antsy at the thought of change. That means workouts and food choices, too, but sometimes life just throws you a curve ball.

I usually do my grocery shopping (for the dorm) every other Sunday, which would mean that I was supposed to have went yesterday. But you know how it is...something came up and I couldn't go.

Which meant I was OUT of Greek yogurt, out of my beloved grapefruits, and my baby carrot and whole grain supplies were dangerously low. Yikes!

Thankfully i'm hitting the grocery store today, but here are my "I'm out of food" meals so far today.

Breakfast consisted of coffee and an orange...

As well as oats with flax seeds and a shake of cinnamon. I also had some raisins before I headed out the door to class..
Then in class (hour 2 of my dreaded Monday Wednesday Friday 4 hour block...) I munched some trail mix.

Soy nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.

Lunch was:
  • an organic pear that I had laying around (it had seen better days, that's for sure. It tasted just as good as new though!)
  • , the last of my baby carrots
  • turkey that I picked up from the campus Grab 'n Go. (I ditched the white bun and American cheese and split the turkey into two servings. One for today and one for tomorrow) on a honey wheat sandwich thin 
  • + veggies on top. Cukes, cherry tomatoes and some iceberg.

    Change can be okay, but I know i'm going to get a hankering for my beloved Chobani sooner or later...

Here's the grocery list...did I miss anything?

Some questions for you: Do you handle change well? Do you make grocery lists *and stick to them*? Or do you just wing it, buy whatever looks good/what's on sale? I'd be curious to know!

See you after the haul!

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  1. I definitely like my routines, but after having kids I have gotten MUCH better about going with the flow when I need to. Stuff happens. Although I don't always like it. Your meals look GREAT for running low on your basics. :)


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