Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Record high temps today! We were in the eighties, can you believe it? Craziness! Especially considering the fact that we had snow on April 1st!

Sunny skies  = One Happy Girl over here!

Sure, good weather can definitely improve my mood, but now, it's time to 'fess up.

I won't lie to you...losing 57 pounds (and still having weight to lose) messes with your head. Trying your best to lead a healthy lifestyle is tough in the beginning (and the middle sometimes!) Now, that being said, I want this blog to be a positive place. I want to inspire others (and myself) to continue leading healthy lives because honestly, in the end, it's going to make me happy.
Weighing 120 pounds isn't going to make me happy.
Wearing a size 2 isn't going to make me happy.

Sometimes I forget these things, sunny skies or no sunny skies.

Of course, being comfortable with my weight is going to make me happy. Reaching and maintaining my "happy weight" going to make me happy. :)
Taking a bite out of life, giving every day 100%, and being healthy is going to make me happy.

Little tip: Wearing yellow is said to create thoughts of joy!

Time to invest in a yellow sundress, perhaps? :)

But you see that girl up there? Her healthy is different from my healthy and that's different from your healthy.

We are all different, each of out bodies require different things, but they all need TLC. I stumbled across this and was blown away.
I can't take credit for it (although I wish I could! Maybe i'll make one of my own!) I found it here!

What It's All About
having thighs that don’t touch
Muscular legs that can carry me for miles, touching or not
a body that all of the other girls envy
A body that I can look in the mirror and be proud of
being a size 0
Knowing that beauty isn’t a number on a tag
Being able to go days without eating
Always eating healthy foods that fuel my workouts
 working out until I pass out
Working out until I am tired, but still feeling great afterward
being thin to get the attention of that certain boy
Knowing that the man I love is in love with my personality, not my body
doing this for my mom, that guy at school, the rest of the world
Doing this for myself, and not caring what the rest of the world thinks.

Now that, my happiness.
I think once I finally screw my head on straight and get a mindset like that, the rest will just fall into place.


  1. I Love this. I definitely share the same feeling of "my healthy is not her healthy". We are all so different! I am petite, but have like 0 curves. I really wish I did, I think curves are so feminine and beautiful, but God just didn't build me that way, so I have learned to be more than happy for MY body and MY healthy.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    That Girl in Pearls


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