Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just your typical college eats...

I am totally your average college student. Pizza, cookies. You know....

Can you see me??

Because, really, what college student that you know keeps whole wheat pitas, 100% natural marinara and roasted red pepper flakes on hand?

Now, this is nothing compared to the "pita pizzas" I make at home (like I made on New Year's!) Usually I'll saute up some green and red bell peps, add a little garlic powder and oregano and spread it all out on a pita. Delish.
But this lil guy was pretty tasty, too. And easy. (It kind of has to be, I do live in a dorm right now)

I also crunched on some salad with Romaine, red and green bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Next up, dessert. :)

I like to call these "Mini Granola Bar Bites". I made up a HUGE batch over Spring Break at home, and i'm still eating and enjoying every last one... (except for the few my mom STOLE. because they were that good.)

I'll have to post the actual recipe later, since I didn't lug it out to school with me, so stay tuned.
So here's your question: If you're in college, what are your typical "eats"? Are you best buds with the dining hall or do you try to keep "healthier" options in your dorm/apartment/house? If you're not in college, what did you eat when you were, or when you were around that age?
It can be pretty tricky navigating the campus eateries so i'd love to know how you dealt with it!

And stay tuned for my survival guide coming to a computer screen near you soon!

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