Monday, April 4, 2011

2nd Day of Self-Love

In the words of the brilliant Regina Spektor:
"I've got a perfect body...but sometimes I forget. I've got a perfect body, 'cause my eyelashes catch my sweat."
I told you, she's brilliant.

I am lucky enough to have been gifted with the perfect body.

Sure, my hips may be a little larger than I would like, but, overall, I have a healthy body. Therefore, it is perfect.

It makes you stop and think about where your priorities are, doesn't it? It's true, though. I have fully functioning legs that allow me to go on an impromptu-14 mile-bike-ride with my best friend. My legs transport me to new places and through my day-to-day life.

I have wonderful arms that can lift up my little cousins when we're playing a game or give a high-five.

Most importantly, I have "salsa" hips. :) They can dance and sway to a rhythm anytime I'd like them to. But what if I couldn't? What if I was confined to a wheelchair or couldn't stand? I wouldn't be able to dance as easily.

It's things like these that make me wonder why I get so caught up in these negative thoughts about myself. I work fine! I am here, living my life with all of the intensity I can muster, and my body is a huge part of that.

Each part of my body helps me do the things I love to do, and honestly, I couldn't wish for anything else.

I think sometimes we all just need to be reminded of this very fact.

Tell me, what is one thing you love that your body can do?

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